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Low Cost Cigaronne Tobacco Cigarettes - History And Brand Reviews

The manufacturer of Cigaronne cigs is SPS Cigaronne Co, created quite newly in 1999. In 2001 SPS Cigaronne Co was achieved ISO9001:2000 certificate of quality. Cigaronne cigs are famous and loved in over 35 countries of the world. Cigaronne Cigarettes keep rather light and mellow blend. High quality tobacco of 12 different blends differs this cigarette brand from the majority of others, which are manufactured from one or two kinds of tobacco, mostly Virginia blend.

Another differential feature of these smokes is their filter. Long and solid, it makes the smoking procedure very pleasurable. Since their apparition on the marker, just a several of decades ago, Cigaronne cigs have conquered the market with their excellent and qualitative blend and affordable price, which if quite odd for cigarettes of such kind.

Cigaronne smokes are 120 mm long, which makes the delight of smoking them last longer. Currently, you can locate and order Cigaronne cigarettes of the next types: Cigaronne Exclusive Black, the strongest ones with 10 mg of tart and 0.8 mg of nicotine, Cigaronne Exclusive Black Slims, slims release of the above mentioned strong kind, Cigaronne Exclusive Mini Black - 92 mm version of the same type, but with regular girth, Cigaronne Exclusive Mini White - lighter cigs of King size, that have less nicotine content. SPS Cigaronne Co is in constant process of inventing the new classes of Cigaronne and rebranding the existing ones. Thus we can anticipate the appearance of the new versions of Cigaronne smokes in the next decades.

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