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Low Cost George Karelias Tobacco Cigarettes - History And Brand Reviews

George Karelias smokes are made by Karelia Tobaco Company, Inc, which was opened in 1888. It's a singular brand of cigs, which segregates out of the big range of regular smokes not only due to its tobacco blend, but also because of the pack. George Karelias cigs are packed in nutty hard sliding packs of the yellow color and have a widely recognized trademark drawing on them.

These smokes are made with the use of the locally raised tobacco, which has a reference of fruity taste. It's very mild and nice, with the fact that these cigs are quite strong and carry 12 mg of tar and 1 mg of nicotine. These are not cheap cigarettes, they are sold as cigarettes of the high type, therefore the price is corresponding, but they worth every penny.

Karelia Tobacco Company applies all the existing technological accomplishments to make their products smoother and to raise their grade even more. Currently, it has conquered the markets of sixty countries and has fans of George Karelias cigs in many more. These smokes are primarily created for man and positioned as manly; therefore they are stronger than regular cigs of the high class, which make no stress on the segment of cigarette buyers they are manufactured for.

  • George Karelias Smoother Taste
  • George Karelias Superior Virginia

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