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Low Cost Kent Tobacco Cigarettes - History And Brand Reviews

British American Tobacco has a name of producing only highest quality cigs brands and Kent cigarettes are not exclusion. Kent is doubtless one of the most versatile brands, made by British American Tobacco. Due to the fact that these cigs are exported globally, they are produced in conformity to all International standards of tobacco manufacturing. Kent is quite famous in Europe and US, but it is Asian market, where Kent prevails.

Kent cigarettes were named after Herbert Kent, one of the top managers of Lorillard Tobacco Company that was finally acquired by British American Tobacco Company. Kent has a peculiarity that distinguishes it from all the other cigarette brands - charcoal filter. The basis of this strainer is activated carbon.

This miscellaneous brand includes large quantity of types. You can order Kent smokes of such types as:

  • Kent HDi Silver
  • Kent HDi Blue
  • Kent HD Spectra
  • Kent HD Neo
  • Kent HD Futura
  • Kent HD Infina
  • Kent Convertibles
  • Kent Nanotek Futura
  • Kent Nanotek Neo
  • Kent Nanotek Infina

Although Kent cigs are quite acceptable, they cannot be count as budget ones.

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