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Kiss Cigarette Brand

Kiss History

Kiss smokes are the magnificent combinations of juicy tastes, high quality and affordable prices. They are made by Innovation Tobacco Company, based in Great Britain, which was founded not so long ago, precisely in April 2004. Naturally, due to its modern staff and application of all the available innovations, company quickly gained success on the market, offering budget and middle class oriented smokes of various types. Kiss cigarettes buy online are generally oriented on women, who adore them for the fruity flavors and elegant designs of the packs. If you’re looking for excellent cigarettes with addition of fruity flavors – look no further and buy Kiss cigs.

Kiss Marketing

Women buy Kiss cigarettes not only because of their beautiful packs, but because they are of great quality. When you order Kiss cigarettes you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality and the most affordable price on the market. In our online cigarette store you can always find a special on one or several Kiss types, which will allow you to save even more if you buy Kiss cigarettes here.

Kiss Varieties

Currently, you can order Kiss cigarettes of several types: Kiss Energy Superslims 100’s with 5 mg of tar and 0.5 mg of nicotine, Kiss Fresh Apple Superslims 100’s cigarettes with the same tar and nicotine amount, Kiss Romantic Superslims 100’s cigarettes also with the same tar/nicotine quantity, Kiss Dream Superslims 100’s cigarettes and Kiss Menthol Superslims 100’s.

Kiss References

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