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Low Cost Leana Unfiltered Tobacco Cigarettes - History And Brand Reviews

Leana smokes are manufactured by East European tobacco giant, Tutun CTC Ldt, which was founded in 1924 and is located in Europe. Tutun CTC Ldt is one of the few companies that satisfies the demands of non-filter amateurs, as it produces not one, but an entire row of unfiltered cigarettes of high strength, such as Astru, Nistru, Plugarul and Hilton unfiltered. Owing to the fact the taxes, imposed on tobacco producing are very moderate in Europe and the work force is fairly inexpensive as well, firm manages to make smokes of excellent grade, which are extremely affordable and even costly for a normal cigarette admirer.

Leana is one of non-filter brands of high grade and low cost. These are extremely strong non-filter cigarettes with 16 mg of tar and 1.3 mg of nicotine. The special characteristic of Leana cigarettes is that they are produced without the additions of any chemicals; basically, Leana cigs compose of fine cut tobacco of Virginia and Orient blends and wrapping paper. A century ago all cigs were like this, but today due to the big price of tobacco itself, makers add different adjunctions to cigarettes and you're basically smoking anything but tobacco. But that's not the case with Leana.

Unsurprisingly, this title is obtaining more and more popularity worldwide. Leana cigarettes are tastes like Camel non-filter, which are much more pricey and tougher to find. Furthermore, the majority of the online shops don't even have camel non-filter, as cigarette lovers prefer cheaper alternatives with the same quality but lower value. You can purchase only one title of Leana non-filter, packaged in pretty yellow packages with tobacco leaves, drawn on them.

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