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Low Cost L&M Tobacco Cigarettes - History And Brand Reviews

Primarily, L&M cigs were made by Liggett & Myers Company; however this company was later purchased by British American Tobacco. Today, these cigarettes, which are extremely popular worldwide, are considered the 3rd prevalent brand in the world. When they emerge at the beginning of 1960's they were positioned as premium cigarettes due to the fact that they had the best filter, accessible at the time. Proper to recent anti-tobacco crusades and regulations, which are regnant in Europe, producer can no longer use Lights or Super Lights in the specification of the cigarettes' strength.

Consequently, European companies were forced to make up the new names to discern the numbers of tar and nicotine in their cigarettes. Thus, Regular L&M became L&M Red, L&M Lights became L&M Blue Label and L&M Super Lights became L&M silver.

Though L&M cigarettes are counts acceptable smokes, they are in no way budget ones. This brand is in permanent act of modernization and inventing new types and brands. New types and diversity of smokes of this brand are emerging every year in order to satisfy the booming inquiry of the cigarette lovers. You can currently find and purchase L&M smokes of any type:

  • L&M Motion Blue
  • L&M Motion Silver
  • L&M Loft Blue
  • L&M Loft Sea Blue
  • L&M Marine Blue
  • L&M Coral White
  • L&M Red Label
  • L&M Blue Label
  • L&M Silver Label

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