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Low Cost Lucky Strike Tobacco Cigarettes - History And Brand Reviews

Nearby with Marlboro, Lucky Strike smokes can be considered the symbol of the US history. This brand dates back to 1871, when it was merchandised just as chewing tobacco. With a flow of time this brand developed to fulfill the escalating inquiry and to go alongside with the technological progress, applying the advantages, it could suggest. Lucky Strike gotten vast boost after the new advertising campaign was launched. It contained slogan "it's toasted", pointing at the singular way of Lucky Strike smokes manufacturing.

Different secret of Lucky Strikes achievement is a excellent crew of promoters, who managed to establish wonderful campaigns, promising unbelievable advantages to the cigarette lovers of this brand. Nearby, in the campaign launched in 1920's, Lucky Strikes were advertised as a ideal mean for the women to slim. In the period between 1920's and 1930's Lucky Strikes was the principal brand of cigs in the US - all due to the smartly put slogan - "reach for Lucky Strikes instead of a sweet". This campaign boosted the sales up to 300 percent.

Motto "Lucky Strike means fine tobacco" (L.S.M.F.T.), promoted in 1960's was meant for updating the concern to this brand as well as for subjugate new categories of cigarette lovers. Nowadays, the vogue of this brand is nowhere near the same. However, you can still order Lucky Strikes and enjoy the same highest quality, which hasn't changed with time.

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