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Low Cost Marlboro Tobacco Cigarettes - History And Brand Reviews

Emblem of America and the most known and beloved smokes brand of all periods, Marlboro smokes begun as cigs for females, and was quite badly accepted. The first slogan of this brand was "Mild as May" - it was oriented only at female smokers. After the bad acceptance on the market the advertisers, invited to boost the sales, have come up with an idea to place red strip around the filter to help females cover the trails of the lipstick. Sadly this attempt failed as well and if it wasn't for a new team of promotion managers, who suggested shifting the target audience - we wouldn't have heard of this cigarette brand at all.

New campaign was meant to promote Marlboro cheap cigs as masculine product. Therefore, there were invented several pictures of the desirable target audience - a cowboy, smoking Marlboro in the wilderness, a sailor, and so on. This new crusade turned out to be a fabulous hit. At the time, company managed to launch only one project with cowboy, but seeing the love people showed for this character, advertisers decided to delete the other personages and make the cowboy into the emblem of this cigarette brand.

Nowadays you can purchase cheap Marlboro cigarettes of different styles and varieties. The most popular types of Marlboro in Europe are Marlboro Red and Marlboro Gold, though in the US Marlboro 100's are in great inquiry, as well as Marlboro Menthol, which are unavailable in Europe.

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