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Low Cost Prefect Tobacco Cigarettes - History And Brand Reviews

Prefect cigarettes are made by Tobacco International SRL, tobacco manufacturing firm which shown up on the market just 8 years ago. Notwithstanding its recent establishment, this cig manufacturing concern managed to go with the times and employ new innovations, permitting it to manufacture qualitative and affordable cigs in large amounts. Notwithstanding the majority of smokers didn't heard of the firm yet, it slowly but steadily conquers the love and allegiance of European segment of smokers.

The title of the cigarettes "Prefect" means "sheriff" in Romanian. These are rather heavy cigs with 12 mg of tar and 0.9 of nicotine. Prefect brand is first of all oriented on for male smokers, who like highly qualitative heavy smokes. The look of the pack is sharp and elegant - there is a blue square with the title of the brand written across it on the white background.

Today, you can find and order Prefect cigarettes of single type. These smokes are made in King Size and hard packages. They have brown filter, which is generally very valued by the admirers of strong cigarettes. It's worth to refer that Prefect cigs are made of the natively cultivated tobacco and do not have any additions, so when you're smoking them you can totally relish the flavor of the indeed perfect tobacco.

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