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Our Company - Wholesale Smokes

Our online store is doing business from 2005. We are sure that we will merit the credit of our customers. There are some of our major rules:

- discount prices;

- supreme quality of our cheap cigarettes;

- best care and service for our customers.

Our customers are assured with the best service on web: every cigarette order, big or small, gets personal care from a highly qualified customer support manager.

LowPricedCigs.Com would like to support you save money and time by shipping your beloved names of discount smokes to your home at best prices. We ship cigarettes only to USA.

Feel free to provide us with true info about taxes in your place. It will help us to better on our service. Majority of premium cigarettes brands are open and shipped fresh to your apartment within an average of 2 - 3 weeks after the payment was received. Owing to the positive tax regime in our country you are able to benefit from cheap smokes prices you paid years ago. More information about us.

Our site represents a combination of the best support, the smallest values and excellent product quality. We always take care of our regular customers. The only information we store in our data bank is your date of birth that we use for age check and also for taking the possibility to celebrate and give you a gift on your holiday. In spite of the fact that we are processing more than 1000 orders every day, we treat every customer as the exclusive one.

Furthermore our store will be very glad to know your opinion about our support and our online store, and we will listen to any of your proposal to better the quality of our services. So do not hesitate to contact us here.


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If you want to save a lot of funds, but smoke qualitative cigarettes, the best way to do it is to buy cigarettes online. When you order cigarettes online you receive product directly from the manufacturer. Due to the fact that online vendors don’t have to pay for the rent of the space where to sell cigarette and for the sellers’ salaries, the prices are considerably lower. That why when you buy cigarettes online, you pay only for the product, not for any additional taxes. Our online store offers a truly great assortment of brands. Therefore, here you can buy cigs of any type. If you order cigarettes from us you will get quick shipping, lowest prices on the market, attentive and helpful customer support and qualitative cigarettes. Besides, when you buy cigs in your retails store, you might not have the benefit of choosing among the brands, manufactured worldwide, but if you buy cigarettes online you have a rich assortment of cigarettes to choose from. With us, you can be sure that you will get the best deal on your favorite brand!

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