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Is it legitimate for me to order cigarettes?

Yes, small quantities of tobacco products for private use are legal for purchase.

Can you assure the safety of my Credit Card if I use it in your online store?

Yes, we assure that your Credit Card info will not be stolen, sold or used by a third party. We do not store Credit Card information of our customers. When you click the "pay" button - you are transmitted to the payment page of the bank, where you perform the purchase. Moreover, our shop is secured by 128 bit-SSL certificate, which provide safety of your purchase.

Can I be confident that my private data will not be given to a third party?

You can be 100% confident that we won't disclose, sell or give out your private information to any third party.

If you won't receive your parcel within 30 days period, packages are count as lost or theft and we either reship them or make full refund of your money for the order. If you order more than 4 blocks, you order will be shipped in two or more parcels at a rate of one a day. Considering the above told, it is worth to keep in mind that parcels may come with a few days difference.


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