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Terms & Conditions

By registering an account and making an order on our site you automatically accept the next terms and conditions:

Cigs on our site can be bought only by customers, who are 18+ years old.

Cigarettes are being shipped within 48 hours after the payment is made.

We are a retail shop that is why cigarettes sold on our web site can be purchased for personal use only and must not be resold.

Class of our cigs is the highest. Nonetheless, we work directly with the cigarette brand producers and if they make any type of changes to the tobacco blends, that any brand of cigarettes contains - we do not hold charge for such changes.

We guarantee full satisfaction with the cigs, purchased on our online store. Therefore we afford reshipping/refund guarantee in case the smokes are heavily damaged, missing or lost. Reshipping or refund can be made in 30 days after the package with cigarettes has been shipped. Key goal of our site is to make our clients happy by supplying good and affordable cigs. Nevertheless, if the order is lost or any other type of problem emerges - our customer support will instantly address your issue and will find a solution profitable for you.

Charge-backs/Disputes, which are made without contacting us first, will be contested. We love honesty in our relationships with the customers and we await fairness in return. Fraudulent dispute claims will be investigated and prosecuted not only by us, but by the bank as well. Charge-backs/Disputes not only results in charge, which bank imposes on our store, but also makes it impossible for the person, who disputed the charge to place further orders on our store and on the sites of all the other stores, which sell similar products.

If any problem emerges - please contact us and we will find a solution profitable for you!


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